James and Nikki

On Saturday March 2nd, I embarked on one of the most educational experiences ever – photographing my first wedding. To say I was a little nervous would be an understatement. Some of the pressure was relieved by the fact that my good friend Mike Pereira was also shooting the wedding. Before leaving, someone told me, “don’t screw up… they’ll never forgive you”. It was sobering advice which I kept with me throughout the day and focused on the task at hand. 

I’ve selected a couple photos here from the 1,400 I took during the day. Mike was generally focusing on the formal photos, while my task was to grab more of the detail and candid type shots. This being my first wedding shoot, I couldn’t resist getting some of the formals as well.

Just wanted to say thanks to Mike for asking me to help out with this wedding – it was a fantastic experience – also a lot of fun! Also, a big thanks to James and Nikki for going out on a limb and giving me an opportunity to shoot their wedding – it was a real eye opening experience… from a photography standpoint.


2 thoughts on “James and Nikki

  1. Kevin they look great! You and Mike did such a great job (I never had any doubt). I really love the one with the rings, so beautiful.

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