Same Shot… Different Edit

Recently, our camera club spent an evening on the Trans Canada Trail in Omemee, Ontario. After a couple weeks of weather that wouldn’t cooperate, we finally had some fantastic light for an evening shoot.

The sun that evening was casting nice, warm, golden tones on everything and I wanted  to ensure that mood was captured in the final image. The first image has a toy camera type feel that is quite popular these days, especially on Instagram, where you can create these effects with the push of a button. I love the vintage look and feel and how warm it is.

On the other hand, after I had processed this shot, I noticed the contrast between the dark shirts and the light areas between them. I also have a love for black and white images and find they work well where people are the subjects. The second shot is just that.

Not sure which one I prefer. I like that the first shot captures the mood and lighting of the scene, but I also love the second shot for the contrast. Which one do you prefer? I’d love to get some feedback on this. Feel free to leave a note below. Thanks!

Shooting the Shooter (1)

Shooting the Shooter (1)

Shooting the Shooter (2)

Shooting the Shooter (2)

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