Photo of the Week: Week 22

This past Friday marked a new beginning in the chapter of photography as my hobby. For the past year, I have been putting money away each week to eventually purchase a new DSLR camera. Initially, I was aiming for a full frame sensor camera such as the Nikon D600, but over the past couple weeks I’ve come to realize that it was more money than I cared to spend on a camera at this point.

After extensive research on the new Nikon D7100 I made the executive decision that it was the right camera for me. It has all the same functionality as the larger D600 but at half the price. The only difference was since the D600 is a full frame sensor it is much better in low light situations. I didn’t think it was worth the extra cash at this point. Maybe at some point down the road I’ll eventually get into full frame.

As a homage to my faithful, entry level, Nikon D3100, I figured the last shot I would take with it would be of the new camera. So here it is.

My Brand New Nikon D7100

My Brand New Nikon D7100


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