Walk the Line

A couple weeks back we ordered a slackline from MEC after seeing videos about it online. We thought it would be something different and fun to do at home. Until today, we’ve only set it up once due to crap weather.

A slackline is basically a 2 inch strap that’s ratcheted super tight between two trees. It rests at a height that’s just below the waist and stretches to about 6 inches off the ground when standing on it. The purpose is to be able to balance, walk and bounce on the line. It more of a workout than I thought and takes a ton of concentration just to find your balance… which I have yet to do. 

I’m only just starting out and able to balance pretty well on one foot and even take a couple steps before flying off. Hopefully, later in the summer I’ll post some photos of us getting better and actually doing some walking.  

Walk the Line

Walk the Line

Looking Down the Line

Looking Down the Line


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