Photo of the Week: Week 27

This weekend I participated in the MS Bike Tour in Prince Edward County. A 75km cycling tour to raise money for MS research and support to families living with MS. This was my 6th year participating and I’ve now completed 675km and raised a couple thousand dollars for this cause. 

The ride was based out of Picton, Ontario so I spent the night at my parents house in Brighton – about 45 minutes drive away. As the sun was going down, my mom and I took a drive down the street to Presqu’ile Provincial Park – literally a kilometre from their house. 

The sun was almost touching the horizon so we headed right to the beach. Mom was truly interested in me setting up the tripod, camera, and filters to get the effect I was going for.

While this shot might not be very interesting as I think it’s lacking a foreground component, I was simply going after the motion of clouds. I’ve been scouting locations around my place in Peterborough to capture a landscape and sunset, where clouds would be moving in the direction I’m shooting, but it’s proving to be tough to find a spot. The wide openness of the beach provided a perfect chance to try out some new techniques.

Presqu'ile Sunset

Presqu’ile Sunset