Photo of the Week: Week 32

Little known fact. I’m a train nerd. There… I said it. I’ve always had a fascination with trains. I remember sitting and watching my dad’s model train growing up, wondering what it would be like to drive one. Nowadays, I simply love looking up up the provenance of train engines. When and where they were built, where they’ve travelled in their lifetime, and what kinds of jobs they’ve done. The amount of power that these engines generate is absolutely immense… and the amount of work they perform is just mind boggling. Everyone should appreciate that.

Earlier in year while driving through Havelock, I quickly caught a glimpse of this machine and knew I must return to photograph it. It took about 3 months to finally make it back, but I did it. Apparently, it sits its summers away in the rail yard… and has for years.

This is a snow plow car. They place it in front of the locomotive to clear snow from the tracks.  This particular one was built at the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) Angus Shops in Montreal, PC in 1936. The Angus Shops were a railcar manufacturing, repairing and selling facility of CPR that also assisted in building tanks for the Russian Army in WWII. The shops have now been converted into a Loblaws and SAQ liquor store. Classy.

Anyways, I love the history on these machines and would love to one day see it in action. 

Canadian Pacific Railway Snow Plow

Canadian Pacific Railway Snow Plow