Photo of the Week: Week 35

A couple months ago I was contacted via our camera club about a guy who was getting rid of an entire darkroom and a bunch of old cameras. I had no interest in the darkroom stuff and passed it along to a couple guys in the club. I had a definite interest in the cameras – obviously. In total, there were 13 film cameras ranging from the 1940 right into the 1990s. They ranged in quality from some Kodak Instamatic cameras to 35mm SLRs and a couple medium format TLRs. 

I took the two 35mm cameras and the TLR (below) into our local camera repair shop to give them a quick one over and let me know if they are in working order and if not, what would it take to get them working. 

Apparently the two 35mm cameras have seized up and would cost about $100 each to get into working order. Maybe one day down the road, I’ll put money into them… but not right now. 

On the bright side, the Yashica MAT-124 (below) was in mint condition. The guy at the shop questioned if it had even been used since there was no wear marks whatsoever on any of the internal mechanisms. The medium format camera takes film that is much larger than the standard 35mm, and in theory should produce better quality images. I bought a couple rolls of film, (yes, places still sell and develop film). I’m just waiting for a replacement battery for the light meter, then I’ll get out with this thing. 

Really looking forward to trying it out. Limiting the amount of photos to 12 and not being able to see the result until after it’s developed will be a real challenge.  The cost of film and developing considered, each photo will cost probably around $1.00, so getting everything right in camera the first time will be difficult – but I’m looking forward to it.

Yashica MAT-124

Yashica MAT-124