Photo of the Week: Week 36

This was my grandfathers pop-out camera which he purchased in the early 1950s. It captured photos of my dad and aunt as they grew up and countless family photos. A couple years back, I was looking through an old family photo album at my parents house and noticed the care my grandfather took to assemble the album by labelling who each person was in the photo and included the location and date. He sometimes would add a funny comment or inside joke as well.

These photos sparked an interest, and some would say a slight obsession, with learning more about the people in the photos. I became captivated with learning about family history. I’ve spent these years documenting and tracing back my various family lines and connecting with long lost cousins around the world. 

Last week when my dad heard of my recent acquisition of film cameras, he offered me this camera for the collection. It means more to me than all the other cameras combined.

Kodak Tourist Camera

Kodak Tourist Camera