Photo of the Week: Week 37

I’ve had this shot in my head for a long time now. I was basically looking for the reflection of a train going over a this bridge. The difficult part in this is knowing just when the train will swing by. It’s not like Peterborough is on some main line and you can sit and wait for a train. Over the course of a couple months, I’ve been making mental notes of when I see trains in Peterborough. After a while, a pattern began to emerge. Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8:00am and 8:00pm.

I was out taking pictures down the canal, when at 7:30pm, I heard the faint sound of a train horn in the distance. I rushed down to this spot and set up the camera. One thing I forgot to account for was the fact that it was very dark out. It finally rolled over the bridge at around 7:50pm, and I fired off a couple shots. The image quality in this shot is quite poor, but serves the purpose. I am trying to plan a time where I can get to this spot in the morning before work – the light will be much better then. 


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