Ten Long Months

Today was a good day. William was finally fitted with hearing aids. After numerous tests and doctors appointments over the past 10 months, our little guy can finally begin to hear us. When I first learned that William needed hearing aids due to a moderate hearing loss, I was saddened by the fact that he would have to go through that. I dreaded the day I would first see him wearing them.

After a while, my view on this started to change. With hearing aids he would be able hear the sounds around him a lot clearer, hear us speak, and interact with others. Having hearing aids on him at such a young age should also assist in his speech development. 

His initial reaction to having them on was shock. As soon as they were turned on, I called his name and he whipped his head around to look at me. Then the doctor began to speak and William started to cry. After a slight volume adjustment to the hearing aids, I can say that he is taking it quite well and is loving the sound of his own voice. Later this afternoon, I caught him simply laughing at the sound of his own laughter. It was awesome. 

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