Photo of the Week: Week 47

This weekend, my wife and I were celebrating our 8th wedding anniversary, (which was earlier in the month), by spending a night in downtown Toronto. Using Hotwire, we booked a hotel which turned out to be the Renaissance Toronto Downtown Hotel which is part of the Rogers Centre. The only rooms they had available were facing the inside of the building which we both agreed might be kind of cool. It wasn’t until after we had checked in, that we learned there was going to be a Lenny Kravitz concert as part of a hospital fundraiser that evening. Now I’m not a fan of Lenny Kravitz, but it was still cool to be able to watch a live concert from our hotel room. We also had tickets to the Toronto Symphony Orchestra and had a nice dinner at a local establishment. It was a great night… even if it felt like -20 degrees outside.

I created the image below from our hotel room window from 8 photos stitched together. Not much happening as the clean up was complete from the night before. 


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