Yesterday at our camera club meeting we were shooting close ups of little knick knacks and trinkets. Not really my thing, so I took the camera off the tripod and tried to look at was in front of me with a different set of eyes. We had several of these compact fluorescent bulbs spread around the room and I found the lighting very harsh. Not sure what prompted me to take a shot of the light bulb… but I did, and immediately had a bunch of ideas. While it looks like these lights aren’t even on, they were actually quite bright and the shutter speed was between 1/5000th and 1/6400th of a second. Everything else in the scene just turns to complete black and you’re left with just the light. I started playing around with patterns, shapes and lines. Below are 3 of my favourite from the mini-session with the light bulb.

Photography in its basic element is the recording of light. Light is reflected off an object and on to a cameras sensor or onto film. I thought it would be an interesting subject to photograph the source of light… and to treat it as the main subject of the photo.


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