Favourite Shots From 2013

Last year I think I did my top 10 favourite photos from the year. This year, there’s just no way I can narrow it down to 10… so I’ve just picked the photos that I love because of their significance to the advancement of my hobby or simply because the photo captures a great moment in my life.

When I think back on the past year (from a photography stand-point) it’s been a fantastic one, where I’ve got some great opportunities to shoot stuff I never would have. I’ve met some other fantastic photographers and shared stories and experiences, all of which have greatly contributed to this little hobby of mine.

I wanted to sincerely thank everyone who has taken the time to visit little corner of the web over the past year and left comments, sent a tweet or given it the ‘thumbs-up’ on Facebook. It’s always nice to know that people enjoy my work as much as I do.

Below are a number of shots (in no particular order) that I chose for this year. Click on the photo for the enlarged version. It will be a long post… so hang in there! Have a great 2014 and keep shooting!


And that’s it. If you made it all the way to the end, I thank you. Not sure what 2014 holds for photography but I’m looking forward to finding out!


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