From The Archives #007

I took this shot at the beginning of July 2013 down in Presqu’ile Park in Brighton where my parents had moved to a few months before. I was down visiting my folks and my mom said she wanted to go see the provincial park that was just down the street. We hoped in the car and in about a minute we were in the park. We told the gate attendant that we just wanted to have a quick look around and she just waived us through.

Mom and I spent over an hour just sitting on the beach chatting and watching the sun set while I experimented with some long exposures on the camera. As the sun dipped below the horizon I grabbed this shot just before packing up. Didn’t give it much notice at first, but after a while I liked the motion of the water, silhouette of the bird and layers of horizon and clouds in the top third of the image.

Presqu'ile Sunset in Black and White (1s, f/8, ISO100)

Presqu’ile Sunset in Black and White (1s, f/8, ISO100)