6 Reasons Why I Enjoy Using Flickr

I’ve only been using Flickr since 2011 and I must say I absolutely love it. It was a bit archaic at first, but then in the spring of 2013 they redesigned their whole layout. The photos appeared in a mosaic and just seemed brighter than before.  If you haven’t checked it out as a place to store your photos I highly recommend doing so. Here’s a couple reasons why I love the service.

1. You get 1 terabyte of storage for free.

When this was first announced, I had to read it a couple times to make sure I understood. One terabyte will store hundreds of thousands of photos at their full resolution, and I will never even come close to reaching that. In comparison, Google Drive offers 15 gigabytes free storage, and Dropbox offers a measly 2 gigabytes. I personally use it as another place to backup full resolution photos in case my computer explodes.

2. Flickr groups for everything you can imagine, and some things you can’t.

The groups feature is one of the reasons I prefer Flickr over another well known photo hosting service. Groups have been setup for anything under the sun and start to bring together communities of people who are interested in a certain aspect of photography. For example, I belong to a Flickr group for medium format film photography and can see and contribute  to thousands of other photos using the 120 film format. Within each group, members can ask questions and engage each other which I find really helpful.

Our camera club has even setup a Flickr group to showcase our photos to other club members and the world.

3. Photo albums help organize photos into similar themes.

I use the Flickr albums to help organize and sort my photographs, so if I ever want to share or have to find a photo, I know right where to look. I’ve set-up albums for specific trips I’ve taken, pictures of my family, photos of waterfalls and even photos from the different gear I own. Some would say it’s a little OCD, but hey… that’s just me.

4. The layout is beautiful.

When you look at your photos in the mosaic style layout they seem brighter and you can expand them to view full screen and even their full resolution. When looking at a page, it is endless scrolling of photos so you can see lots of images very quickly and click on the photos that interest you to get more information. For each photo you can pull up a whole whack of metadata including date taken, location, gear, settings, etc… which I find really interesting depending on the shot. The Flickr app for your smart phone is just as awesome, offering most of the functionality as the desktop version.

5. Sharing and connecting with others.

Flickr has made it super easy to connect with other Flickr users and share photos across a variety of social media platforms. You can follow your favourite Flickr users and new photos will automatically show up in your feed. You can provide comments on other photos and ‘favourite’ them for viewing later. I tend to share a lot of photos from Flickr to my Twitter account to reach a different audience.

6. The integration with Apple TV is fantastic.

Lastly, one of the cool things is how Flickr has integrated with Apple TV. I can now view all my photos or friends photos on my big TV and watch Flickr video blog posts highlighting up and coming photographers or interesting projects. We’ve also set our TV up with a screen saver, so if there’s no use for about 2 minutes, the TV automatically shows photos from my Flickr feed. My kids love seeing family photos pop up on the TV and it makes for great discussion.

Even if you’re not a photographer and just take snapshots with your smart phone, I’d highly recommend you check it out. Thanks all for now.