Camp 30

Last weekend, my buddy Pat Trudeau and I headed down to Camp 30 in Bowmanville, Ontario to try and photograph this historically important site. I only recently found out about Camp 30. Originally an school for delinquent boys, in August 1941 it was converted to a prisoner of war camp for German soldiers. In 1942-43, Operation Kiebitz was a failed German attempt to organize the escape of four U-Boat commanders from the camp and prompted the successful counter-operation by the Canadian Royal Navy – Operation Pointe Maisonnette.

Following the war it was converted back into a boys school until 1979, followed by various academic uses until 2008 when it was finally abandoned. Many of the buildings remain intact, though severely vandalized. In 2013, it was finally named a National Historic Site of Canada and saved from demolition.

Below are some of my favourite shots from the outing. The rest of my shots can be viewed on Flickr. Also check out some of Pat’s shots.