Shooting a Field Hockey Festival

Last Sunday, I was invited to photograph a field hockey festival in Peterborough. I haven’t done any sports related photography before other than shooting my sons soccer games so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I don’t even have a telephoto lens, so I reached out to some photo friends on Facebook looking to borrow and rent some gear, however, in the end I decided it would be more of a challenge to work with the gear I own.

I tried to follow some basic photography principles such as composition and lighting. I kept the shutter speed quite high to freeze the action and was aware of not chopping off feet or other body parts. With each shot I was trying to fill the frame as best I could, but with an 85mm prime lens, options are limited. I basically waited for the action to come near to where I was standing on the sideline.

I took about 600 shots in the 5 hours I was there and was happy with about 50 of them. It was a great educational experience from a photography perspective and hope I can do this more often. I’ve posted just a couple of my favourites below, and all 50 or so shot on my Flickr account.


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