2015 Family Vacation – Phone Photos

Well… we made it! Our first ever big family vacation. We’ve done smaller one or two day trips, but this was our first 2 week adventure. We drove out to Prince Edward Island where we had rented a cottage on the south side of the island. Our journey slowly took us through Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and PEI. Not knowing how our kids would react to long drives in the car, we planned to stop every 2.5-3 hours… and usually at some interesting location such as a National Park or place where they could run around for a bit. I’ll save the details of our trip for a later post.

As with any vacation, outing or event, I brought my camera (actually 5 cameras) with me to capture the memories we made. The only difference was that I shot the entire trip on film. Why you may ask? Well, I was hoping to emulate the look and feel of the family photos I had as a child on vacation. I didn’t want to spend time looking at the back of my camera seeing if the shot turned out or not and it allowed my to remain in the moment with my family. In total, I shot 19 rolls, mostly colour film, but since I have to wait to get it developed (which is half the fun), I thought I’d share some photos I took with my Apple iPhone 4S. Most of these, I’ve already posted on either Facebook or Instagram, and some you may have never seen before.

In the spirit of this film project, I thought it would be fun to process my iPhone photos to look like some old slide film. For the originals, go check out either my Flickr site or Instagram feed and stay tuned for my developed film post(s).