Sprocket hole photography is something that I’ve wanted to try for a long time. I recently got asked if this effect was done in Photoshop… to which my reply was “no”. This is achieved by using 35mm film in a medium format camera… in this case my Yashica MAT-124 TLR. Normally in a 35mm camera, only the area inside the sprockets is exposed to light. The sprocket holes are used by the camera to feed the film. Since medium format film is much larger than 35mm and doesn’t use sprockets, the entire width of the film is exposed. This did require me to MacGyver some spools to hold a 35mm film cartridge.

I like this effect since it shows that no cropping occurred in post-processing and that the film brand is printed directly on the image. Can’t wait to try this with some colour film and where the sprockets are on the top and bottom instead of the sides.