Svema “Super Positive” B&W Slide Film

When I first heard of this film with an ISO speed rating of 0.8, I couldn’t believe it. Some shots I’d seen online looked pretty promising, so I purchased two rolls from the Film Photography Store. I took one roll to Killarney back in October and one roll up to Cordova Falls in mid-November. I shot them both on my Nikon F3 which only goes down to an ISO of 12, so I metered for that, and opened up 4 additional stops.

The first roll was developed in Ilfotec HC and I guessed on the times… and I thought I got it completely wrong. On my second roll, I bought some Kodak Xtol developer and used some specific times that other people had used, and still got results I wasn’t overly happy with.

It was fun to try, but I don’t think I’d buy this film stock again. I also picked up some black and white film rated at ISO 3, so here’s hoping to better luck from that roll. Below are a couple images I barely managed to salvage from the two rolls.

Cordova Falls// Falls// Falls// Provincial Park// Provincial Park// Provincial Park//