The Collins Family Christmas Tree

We have been cutting our own Christmas tree since 2008. Before that we had a plastic tree with lights already built into it. Can’t recall why we made the switch. Maybe it was the fact that a plastic tree simply doesn’t look, smell or feel like the real thing. At the time, we lived in a small cottage north of Peterborough surrounded by trees, so it just seemed wrong to have a fake one for Christmas. For 5 years running, we had been going to a cut-your-own place near Apsley, but for the last couple of years, we ended up buying one of their pre-cut trees, as the amount and quality was going downhill.

The next couple years, we tried out some different spots, but nothing that good. It was on our drive home from Cobourg, that we passed a sign for Barrett’s Christmas Tree Farm and looked it up. Last Saturday, we spent the morning there and it is our new go-to place. They had a ton of trees to choose from and they were all very high quality. Tractor rides, animals, a playground, a campfire with marshmallows, treats, and chainsaw carving demos will keep this family coming back until there are no trees left to cut.

Below are are just a couple black and white shots from the day. I also shot colour, but need to have them processed, and I didn’t want to post something about Christmas trees in January… so there.

Cutting the 2015 Christmas Tree// the 2015 Christmas Tree// the 2015 Christmas Tree// the 2015 Christmas Tree// the 2015 Christmas Tree//