Svema MZ-3 Film

This is one of those experimental films I acquired from the Film Photography Project a couple months back. This film was only ever produced in large rolls of 300 metres or more in northern Ukraine and I don’t think it was ever intended for still photography. It was hand-rolled and offered at a very reasonable price that I just hand to try out. Also, the fact that it has an ISO rating of 3. That’s right. Just 3. My camera can only meter down to an ISO of 12, so I had to open up an additional 2 stops beyond that.

Last week, on my way to get a couple groceries, I spent an hour or so snapping photos along the side of some country roads. Because the film is so slow, I didn’t feel comfortable handholding any of the shots, so I had to lug my tripod with me. I found some pretty cool spots, that I’d like to return to another time too!

Finding development times for this film is not easy. I don’t have an assortment of different chemicals and wasn’t prepared to buy more chemicals just to develop this film. After a lot of reading and cross-referencing, I decided to use Ilfotec HC which is similar to Kodak HC.

I was quite pleased with the results and the super fine grain of this film. I might try it again. Below are a couple of my favourite shots from the roll. For the rest, check out my Flickr album for this film stock.

Jackson Creek// Driveway// in the Distance// the Tracks// Far Off Place// a Stones Throw Away//


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