Ilford Delta 3200

Not sure what to make of this film yet. It is a very high speed film, so naturally it is quite grainy. I first tried this film on 35mm last winter and absolutely hated it. There was way more grain then I was used to and the lab that developed it messed it up and blamed it on a bad batch of film.

After listening to a recent podcast of the Classic Camera Revival, I heard that this film was much more pleasing on 120 film due to the increased surface area. Not sure why that didn’t occur to me earlier. It’s still grainy, but much more acceptable in my books. I bought 4 rolls of it and planned to test it out over the holidays while indoors at night.

I developed it at home and was pleasantly surprised. Below are a couple of my favourites shot on my Pentax 6×7 despite the line across the top of each image due to an issue with the scanner.

New Years Eve// Years Eve// Nephew// Time// of Fury// of Fury//

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