Olympus Trip 35 – Second Thoughts

Olympus Trip 35About six weeks ago, I wrote about my first impressions of my newly acquired Olympus Trip 35 camera. I love the look and feel of it, but I thought something was wrong with the focusing system as all the pictures were blurry – the opposite of what I had read about with this camera. Since I only paid about $15 for it, I wasn’t too upset, and wasn’t planning on sending it away to get fixed, since it would just be cheaper to buy another one.

Last week, I started looking up this issue online and found the exact problem and how to fix it. Now, I’ve never taken apart a camera before and was shocked to see all the tiny screws and moving parts that went into something this small. I can’t even imagine what the inside of a more complex camera looks like.

My opened up Olympus Trip 35, with the focus screen from a Nikon F3. My opened up Olympus Trip 35, with the focus screen from a Nikon F3.

Once apart, you can re-adjust the focus element using some ground glass, or a piece of wax paper taped to a thin piece of glass or plastic. I just happen to also have a Nikon F3 with a split-image, removable focus screen that worked perfectly. With a bit of ingenuity, I was able to fine tune the focus and put the thing back together in about 25 minutes.

Last Saturday I took it out for a test spin, and it performed perfectly. Despite shooting in snowy conditions, making everything really contrasty, the focus was much sharper than before. Can’t wait to throw some colour film in for a try.

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