Pentax K-1000

A couple weeks back, a good friend of mine asked my thoughts on the Pentax K-1000 as he is in the market for one. I had acquired one myself last summer and only used it once. It is one of the most straight-forward cameras out there… and there’s a lot of them still out there. There are no fancy bells and whistles with this camera. Only shutter speed and aperture settings to worry about.

The size of this camera is a little big in my opinion, as I prefer the slightly smaller and compact Pentax ME Super, but that camera isn’t working for me right now. Other than the size, in my opinion, there are two downsides to this camera: 1) There is no shutter release lock, so you can accidentally fire off a shot, and; 2) The light meter is constantly on (and draining the battery) when the lens cap is removed. I like to walk around with the cap off and ready for action, so I don’t care for this feature.

The battery, however, only powers the light meter, and the camera is still functional without a working meter. I have yet to experiment with the sunny 16 rule.

Since I wasn’t actively using the camera, I lent it to my friend, but not before I could get out and shoot a roll of Rollei RPX 400 through it. Below are a couple of my favourites from the roll. For all my other shots taken with this camera, check out my Flickr album.

Frozen ChairsMaximum WeightFrozen BranchJackson CreekJackson CreekFrozen BranchChurch