Pentax MX – First Thoughts

Pentax MX//

Every so often, someone contacts me asking if I’d be interested in taking some old film cameras off their hands. I rarely ever turn down people down as I love collecting cameras and trying them out. Each camera is unique and is a piece of art in itself. A couple weeks back, I acquired a couple Pentax cameras (bringing my total Pentax count up to 7), and was fascinated by the Pentax MX.

One of the smallest 35mm cameras I own, it still has everything you want in a film camera. Built between 1976-85 it was Pentax’s flagship camera until the LX came along. It is completely mechanical, manual camera, only requiring a battery to power the light meter, so you must focus, set the shutter speed and aperture to achieve the desired exposure. There is a exposure indicator in the viewfinder which helps.

This has been my go-to camera for the past couple weeks as it also came with a variety of lenses including a nice 55mm macro lens. Below are a couple of my favourite shots from my first time out with it.

Being a Goofball// and Green// Swing Bridge// Statue//