Yashica D – First Thoughts

At the same time I picked up my Rolleicord 1a, I also bought a Yashica D having heard great things about it. I own a Yashica MAT-124 and absolutely love it. The Yashica D is a TLR camera produced in Japan between 1957-73, takes 120 roll film and produces 6×6 square negatives. The apertures range from f/3.5-f/22 and shutter speeds from 1 – 1/500 and a bulb setting. There is no built-in exposure meter, so a dedicated light meter/phone app is required. The film advance knob has an automatic lock when it gets to the next frame and the shutter must be cocked before a shot can be fired off. The ground glass was big and bright (not as bright as the MAT-124), but adequate to compose and focus.

I like this camera and the shots it produces. Below are a couple examples from my first roll of Rollei RPX 400.