Fuji Instax 300 – First Thoughts

Photo Credit: B&H Photo Video (www.bhphotovideo.com) Photo Credit: B&H Photo Video (www.bhphotovideo.com)

It’s been a couple of weeks since acquiring my Fuji Instax Wide 300 camera, so I thought I’d share my initial thoughts on it up to this point. I have been wanting to get into instant film photography for a while now and was just about to purchase an old Polaroid Land Camera when Fuji announced they have ceased production of that film – basically rendering all those cameras useless. You can still find film for them, it’s just that the price has almost doubled and I couldn’t bring myself to get one.

I tried an Instax Mini camera at a friends wedding last year and loved the look of the photo – with one exception… the size. I wanted something larger, so I started looking at cameras that use the Instax Wide film. There are basically 2. The Lomo’Instant Wide and the Fuji Instax Wide 300. The Lomo costs twice as much as the Fuji, however, it does come with a couple other options. I settled for the Fuji and am loving it so far. The settings are minimal which is something I’m not used to on a camera. You have 2 zones of focus (3 if you add the close-up filter), and can either brighten or darken an image by 1 stop. One thing I don’t care for is the inability to turn the flash off. The size doesn’t bother me as I’m used to lugging around my Pentax 6×7… although there is a significant weight difference.

The one thing this camera does have going for it is FUN! Everyone loves watching the photo appear on the film after the shot and my kids love playing “who sees the image appearing first” game. It’s amazing to watch their reaction when the image appears… and it’s even better when you can hand someone the photo to put on their fridge or where ever. If you’re not set on tack sharp images, and just want to have some fun with something different, I would definitely recommend picking up one of these cameras.

I’ve just been playing around the house with it and haven’t really taken out shooting to try and get creative with it, so I’m really looking forward to that. Below are a couple shots I’ve taken to date.

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