FP4 Party

The FP4 Party is a crazy phenomenon that has taken over social media!!! Well… not so much, but it’s quite fun. Basically, it’s a collective of film shooters using Ilford FP4+ 125 black and white film… which is super awesome by the way. Organized by emulsive.org and others, the premise is quite simple:

“Shoot a roll or sheet of Ilford FP4+ during the first week of each month and share your results on Twitter during the third using the#FP4Party hashtag and by tagging @FP4Party.”


At the end of the month, all the photos are wrapped up and a winner is announced. Prize: bragging rights for the month. It’s a fun way for film shooters to connect, share work, discover new photographers, a discuss the glorious-ness that is FP4+. Since I started shooting film, FP4+ has been my favourite go-to black and white film as it never disappoints. Just the right amount of contrast, sharpness and grain for my liking. Below are some of my entries from the past 2 months that I submitted and some that I chose not to submit. Check out all my FP4+ photos in my Flickr album.

Also, one of my photos from November was put on the shortlist, so if you like voting for stuff, head on over to http://emulsive.org/articles/fp4party/fp4-party-best-of-november-2016 and cast a vote for your favorite photo!


30378912700_699f161a36_z 31187851705_277b464b0f_z30483264200_05eb0ae61b_z30986740731_2764f0a10a_z31073827771_ec0c3a8f75_z 31152091176_af45ce00eb_z


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