100 Days Project

I once tried a 365 project… that is… taking a photo a day, for an entire year. I only made it to about day 40 before giving up. I didn’t have any real focus or goal to achieve. So when my friend Steve asked if I’d be interested in doing a 100 Days Project, I was a bit hesitant. The thinking behind the 100 Days Project was to do something creative every day for 100 days. I decided to give it another shot. This time, I was setting some ground rules for the photos.

  1. All photos should be taken with a smartphone;
  2. All photos would have the same aspect ration and orientation;
  3. Each photo would have a meaning and try to capture something of importance that happened on that specific day.

At about day 70, I really didn’t want to do it anymore and decided that these types of projects really aren’t for me. Being forced to take a meaningful photo every day, isn’t my cup of tea. Coming this far already, I didn’t want to give up and pushed on to the full 100 days. I will admit that I didn’t take a photo every single day… either because nothing interesting happened that day, I didn’t feel like it, or I simply forgot.

Although I probably won’t do a project like this again, it got me thinking about photography projects in general. Something that I’ve wanted explore more, but simply haven’t had the time or an idea that I think would make a good project. I’d like to focus (pun intended) on something with no set time limits and that I can just plug away with when it suits me.

The photos below, capture (for me anyways) something that happened on that particular day. I generally, won’t have any meaning to the viewer, but based on each photo, I could probably tell you what happened that day and what inspired me to take a picture. Anyways, below are the 100 shots from this project. To see the full size photos, head on over to my Flickr album for the project.


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