Favourite Shots From 2016

It has become tradition, I suppose, for myself and photographers around the world to look back at yet another year of shooting and present what we feel was our best work over the course of the year. I try not to limit it to my top ten shots or whatever, but try to highlight photos that I think are technically superior or have a special meaning for myself. My original selection was twice the amount of photos as shown below.

2016 was an epic year for me in terms of advancing my hobby. While I didn’t get to go on my usual fall camping trip, I did get to fly to Boston for a 4 day photography-only trip with my good friend Paul. I continued to explore film and tried a number of different cameras and film stocks this year. Looking back at what I wanted to accomplish this year, I can cross some things off the list. I started colour developing film at home, printing more photos, and even tried darkroom printing with an old enlarger I acquired. Sadly, I never got to host a film photo walk (even though I did attend a few), no did I try my hand at large format photography, so I’ll carry those over into 2017.

Thanks again for following my photographic adventures for 2016 and all years prior to that. Looking forward to seeing what 2017 has in store.

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