Kodak Tourist II – First Thoughts

This is a camera that my dad gave me a couple years ago. It was my grandfathers camera, and he bought it back in the early 1950s shortly after my aunt was born… so yeah… it’s pretty special to me. This camera takes 620 film… which is basically just 120 film on a thinner, smaller spool. The film can only be purchased by companies that have respooled it such as the Film Photography Project or you can respool it yourself… which is what I did. This was my second attempt at shooting this camera. The first time, I used Shanghai GP3, and the results were terrible, because of the film, not the camera. A couple years went by and I tried again with much more reliable film and had some good success.

Now on to the camera. This camera is as simple as it gets. There are only 4 apertures to choose from, the widest being f/12.5 and the shutter speed is set around 1/50th of a second. There are also Time and Bulb mode, but I never got a chance to test those. There’s just a viewfinder window and no focus. Based on some of the out of focus images I got, I suspect the closest you can focus is around 10-12 feet. The photos are quite soft around the edges.

Since the actual spools are difficult to come by, I can only have one roll at a time. I plan to try and use this camera a lot more. To check out the full resolution photos and my other attempt at using this camera, check out my Flickr page.



3 thoughts on “Kodak Tourist II – First Thoughts

  1. Wish I could help you with the spools. I’ve handle thousands of 620 rolls in my many years of lab work. I still work on the old film sizes though. So much history laying around in unprinted or undigitized old negatives. And the resolution of these negatives can be wonderful! Good luck!

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