Toronto Film Shooters Meetup – Spring 2017

This past Saturday my friend Paul and I attended the Toronto Film Shooters Meetup. This is a group of dedicated film photographers that meet every 3 months of so to do a photo walk in the Toronto area. I had brought along my Fed 3a and a Kodak Instamatic X15 camera, both loaded with Ilford HP5 Plus film. The Fed 3a ate 1/3 of my roll and I opened the back of what I thought was a rewinded roll, only to find it had broken off, rendering that camera useless for the remainder of the day. So I was basically using the Instamatic… which is fine by me, because I love the sprocket images it produces.

There was a really good turnout of shooters who met at Downtown Camera  on Queen Street before making our way to St. James Church yard and the St. Lawrence Market. Below are some of the images that turned out. You can see the effect that opening the camera back has on the first 2 photos.


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