Mount Pleasant Cemetery

Photographing cemeteries fascinates me. On one hand they are a quiet place to take some pictures or try out a new camera or piece of gear, and on the other hand there’s the sheer beauty of them. I have an ongoing project to photograph some of the relics left behind to commemorate someones life. The objects left behind can tell us a great deal about the person, and I find that really interesting. I’ve seen everything from massive tombs and crypts to photos, toys, liquor bottles and all sorts of little trinkets. I’m trying to capture them without photographing their engraved name or any details.

On our way to the Toronto Film Shooters Meetup this past Saturday, my friend Paui and I walked through Mount Pleasant Cemetery on the way to the subway. One of the largest cemeteries in Toronto, it is filled with beautiful tombstones but unfortunately, we didn’t spend much time there, so I only snapped a couple shots. I have no doubt we will return at some point and spend some serious time in there shooting, but for now, we were just passing through. Below are a couple shots that I took. Check out the other photos I’ve taken in various cemeteries over the years on my Flickr album.


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