Canadian Canoe Museum

It had recently occured to me that I haven’t used my digital camera since April because I’ve been shooting everything on film. Last week our camera club met at the Canadian Canoe Museum, a very poorly lit building for an evening of shooting. Most members brought tripods, but I opted to shoot handheld and just turn up the ISO. Going into the night I knew I wanted all the photos to be in black and white. The museum is a busy place, so I was also hoping to capture images with simple backgrounds and not with other photographers or subjects crowding the frame. One thing that shooting film has taught me is to pre-visualize how the final image will look before taking the photo. I notice that I can now go out with the DSLR and only shoot 30-40 photos instead of 150-200 in an evening and be fairly confident that there are quite a few keepers. Below are a few of the keepers from this outing.



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