Holga 120N – First Thoughts

I never believed that I’d own a Holga. Holga began production in Hong Kong in 1982 and ceased production in late 2015. The cheap build quality and plastic lens produce photos that display a heavy vignette, have a soft focus, exhibit light leaks and other distortions. The camera has a shutter speed both 1/100th and bulb mode and can switch between 2 apertures – f/8 and f/11. The zone focus system works between 1 meter and infinity. The camera came with a mask to either shoot 12 – 6×6 images or 16 – 6×4.5 images.

When I first got into photography, sharp photos is all that seemed to matter. I’ve read countless articles on lens quality and different focusing techniques to obtain tack sharp images. It wasn’t until earlier this year when I started noticing some really great images that were anything but sharp. It got me thinking about why someone would intentionally produce photos that contain, (what I had always thought), technical defects. Below are some shots from the first three rolls I’ve run through it.


7 thoughts on “Holga 120N – First Thoughts

  1. Hey, those are really great! I was just starting to warm to the idea of a Holga. Like the shot on the brick pavers.

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