Three and a Half Years Later

This will be my first non-photography related post in a number of years. In the spring of 2014, a portion our basement flooded. It was fully carpeted with built-in bookcases, cabinets and benches. Water started pouring in through a crack in the wall and I couldn’t leave it for more than a couple hours without using the wet vac or we would have been in a heap more trouble than we were. After pulling up the carpet and taking down a couple walls, it was apparent that water had been an issue before.

We didn’t get much rainfall that summer and put off fixing the problem until later that fall. I thought we could basically dig down to the foundation and replace the drainage pipe on the outside of the house. We soon realized that we got in way over our head and weren’t able to fix it ourselves. We called in the pros who suggested that because of the soil type around our house that they install a french drain – basically a drainage system inside the house. Any water that would get in, would be channeled down the wall into drains that were underneath the concrete in the basement and led to a more powerful sump pump.

The unexpected cost of the repair left us feeling helpless as more things started to demand our attention – new room, new furnace, kids. Finally we caught a break in the spring of 2017 with a sizeable tax refund. The initial plan was to hire someone to do the basement, but after that kind of fell through we were on our own. We tried to contract out a couple services such as electrical and drywall mudding/taping but because it was such a small project, no company wanted to take it on, so they inflated their quotes. It was all up to us. I was able to call in favours to assist with some electrical and mudding; and we did get the carpet professionally installed, but the rest was done by our family. We even built drywall lifters to help do the ceiling.

It really wasn’t as bad as I thought. YouTube videos are a great thing and helped in many aspects. We simply took our time and now have an additional 300 square feet of living space. Below are some photos showing the progression of events. We still have the remainder of the basement to do including a bathroom and bedroom. Hoping things will go just as smooth.


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