Yashica 44LM – First Thoughts

I was walking through my local antique store a couple weeks back and came across this Yashica 44LM sitting in a cabinet. I normally don’t buy cameras from antique stores, but the price on this one was comparable to ones selling on eBay. The light meter was no longer functioning but that didn’t bother me. This camera produces images that are roughly 4cm x 4cm on 127 film and technically grouped as medium format. 127 film is still available but there isn’t much selection to my knowledge. Basically there’s Rerapan 100, Rera Chrome 100, and cut down Ilford HP5 Plus 400… and none of it is cheap… or sold in Canada.

The camera itself is fun to use. It operates similar to a Yashica D TLR but is smaller and lighter to carry around. The method of changing shutter speeds and apertures is similar to other Yashica TLRs and was quite familiar. I was advancing the film using the red window at the back of the camera and only got 8 shots out of it instead of 12. Next time, I’ll use the counter window on the side of the camera. I also didn’t have solid developing times for Ilfosol 3, but I did see a thread online that compared the developing times of this film to Rollei RPX 100, so I went with that and it seemed to work out just fine. Below are 7 of the 8 images I taken with this camera.

Camera: Yashica 44LM
Lens: Yashinon 60mm f/3.5
Film: Rerapan 100
Developer: Ilfosol 3 (1+9) @ 19.6C for 5:09 minutes.
Scanner: Epson V850
Catalog ID: 2017-066



5 thoughts on “Yashica 44LM – First Thoughts

  1. Does there seem to be much of a point to shooting 127 over 120 in your opinion? Is it about trying to keep camera and film options alive or do you see something unique that you would

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