Toronto Photo Walk – Part 2

Back in December, my good friend Paul and I spent the day in Toronto shooting film. I’ve already posted some black and white images from this walk, and finally got around to developing the single roll of colour I shot that day. The images below were taken in Kensington Market – an area of Toronto I’ve never been to before. A guy in a Spiderman costume was walking around and saw us taking pictures. He asked if we wanted to take his photo, and posed for the shot. I tossed him a couple bucks. Totally worth it. Below are my favourite shots from the roll.

Camera: Olympus XA
Lens: Olympus F. Zuiko 35mm f/2.8
Film: CineStill 800T
Developer: Unicolor C-41 Developing Kit
Scanner: Epson V850
Catalog ID: 2017-071


2 thoughts on “Toronto Photo Walk – Part 2

  1. Would love to visit Canada – now that I’ve been to the states three times maybe that should be next – think I might avoid December though.

    Looks like you had fun that day I enjoyed reading the post and looking at the images

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