Cordova Falls

Cordova Falls is a spot that I return to every year around mid-November for a couple of reasons. The first being that it’s such a neat spot to photograph and so much changes from year to year depending on the amount of water flowing over the dam; and second, it’s one of those rare times that it’s a holiday that I get off work and the kids still have to go to school (Remembrance Day). This year, the water was flowing at full force due to the amount of rain we’ve been getting. I’ve been here some years where it’s just a trickle and you can hop over to the other side. My wife joined me again this year and we made a day out of this and going to Warsaw Caves (next post). Below are some shots taken from this trip. I wasn’t very happy with them this year. Check out my previous posts on Cordova Falls.

Camera: Pentax 6×7
Lens: Pentax 75mm f/4.5 SMC Takumar
Film: Kodak TMax 100
Developer: Kodak HC-110 Dilution B @ 21.6C for 5:16 minutes.
Scanner: Epson V850
Catalog ID: 2018-066


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