2018 Family Christmas Tree

When I pulled this roll out of the developing tank, I was quite disappointed. The negatives were very thin with almost no detail. Not sure exactly what happened, but I suspect the camera was underexposing due to an old battery in the light meter. In all fairness, it’s been using the same battery I put in there a couple years back, so I guess it was on borrowed time anyways. The scanner did a decent job salvaging what it could, and I kind of like the look and feel of the images. We’ve been going to the same tree farm for a couple years now and love it. It’s got tons of stuff for the kids and a huge selection of trees. Below are all the images that turned out.

Camera: Pentax 6×7
Lens: Pentax 75mm f/4.5 SMC Takumar
Film: Japan Camera Hunter Streetpan 400
Developer: Kodak HC-110 Dilution B @ 18.5C for 5:38 minutes.
Scanner: Epson V850
Catalog ID: 2018-068


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