Tommy Thompson Park

Last weekend, I finally got to photograph a spot I’d wanted to for a long time – Tommy Thompson Park, or as it’s better known as the Leslie Street Spit. This has been Toronto’s dumping ground for construction waste since the 1960’s. As such, the beaches are pretty much made up of eroded bricks, concrete and rebar. Despite is being quite cold out, we spent a couple hours walking around and exploring the different beaches and inlets. Below are a couple of shots form the 2 rolls I ran through my Yashica MAT-124 camera.

Camera: Yashica MAT-124

Lens: Yashinon 80mm f/3.5
Film: Ilford FP4+ 125
Developer: Kodak HC-110 (Dilution B) at 20.4C for 8:42 minutes
Scanner: Epson V850
Catalog ID: 2019-002 & 2019-003

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