To the Atlantic Ocean and Back

This past weekend was interesting to say the least. A few weeks back my mother-in-law moved out to Saint John, New Brunswick. The original plan was that she would stay with family until the end of summer when she would find her own place. Those plans fell through… quickly. After a week she had found a place to live and asked if we could bring all her stuff out from storage in Ontario. We scrambled to get someone to watch the kids and rent a truck. Saint John is about 1,500 kilometres (932 miles) from where we live in Ontario. Not able to take much time off work, we spent 10 hours driving each day for 3 days. We did manage to spend about 15 minutes at a beach on the Bay of Fundy before having to get back in the truck. I took a couple photos on the beach and was intrigued by the waves, so I got down low with my phone and snapped a couple shots of the water hitting the rocks on the beach. Below are a couple that turned out okay and a short video.

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