Classics at the Barn

A couple Thursdays ago, after my gym class, I took my oldest up the road to the weekly Classics at the Barn car show at Craftworks. I think this was the first time I’ve been to the show this year. In previous years, I’ve gone a number of times throughout the season. This show was the biggest I’ve seen there by far. They seemed to have extended the lot allowing for more vehicles. We wandered around and chatted with some folks about their VW Beetles (a car that I hope to one day own), and enjoyed the evening. Below are just a couple shots from the outing. Check out my Flickr album with shots from this and past shows.

Camera: Nikon F100
Lens: Nikon 50mm f/1.8
Film: Rollei Retro 80s
Developer: Kodak HC-110 Dilution B @ 20.5C for 5:48 minutes.
Scanner: Epson V850
Catalog ID: 2019-034

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