Ottawa 2019

Back in mid-August, my oldest son and I went on our annual trip to Ottawa. My brother is in a conference there, so we just crash in his room and spend the days exploring town. I had loaded up my Nikkormat FTn with an expired roll of Kodak Gold but on the second day (and a bunch of photos later), the back door popped open. I wasn’t in the mood to load up the other roll, so I just continued to take photos with my phone.

After stopping in Perth for lunch at Mex & Co, we made it to Ottawa mid-afternoon and walked around the Rideau Centre to escape a short-lived rain storm. Following a swim in hotel pool to cool off and dinner at the Clocktower Brew Pub, we explored the Rideau Canal and watched the northern lights show at Parliament Hill. The next day, we woke early to go on a tour of the House of Commons, then rode our bikes along the Ottawa River to the Canadian War Museum. This was a museum that we’d both been to before, but keep returning because it’s so good. We rode back down the trail for lunch at the Mill Street Brew Pub, then cross the river into Hull, Quebec where we went to the Canadian Museum of History. This is another favourite sport of ours but I suspect it may have something to do with my son loving to ride his bike across the Alexandra Bridge. We go back to the hotel around 6:30 that evening, and after a swim and hot tub, we met up with my brother for dinner at the Bier Markt and a beavertail in the Byward Market.

I let my son sleep in the next day until just past 10… and even then, it was difficult to wake him. We packed up our stuff and drove to Rideau Hall where we got a tour of the residence. I’ve only ever been to Rideau Hall once, but only to explore the grounds. The tour lasted about an hour and was quite impressive. From there we headed to the Canada Science and Technology Museum, which was by far my sons favorite museum due to the amount of interactive stuff to do. Mid-afternoon, we got back in the car and made the long 3.5 hour journey back home.

Below are some shots taken on my phone, followed by the ones I could salvage from the roll of film that was partially ruined by opening the camera door.

Photo courtesy of Jason Hagan, 2019.

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