Camera Challenge

In late July 2019, film photography influencer Jason Avery posted on Twitter that he was going to organize a camera challenge for the month of August. The premise was fairly simple. One month. One camera. One roll of film. One shot per day. Each day, Jason posted what the subject or theme was for the day. With a 36 exposure roll, you have 5 spares. I’m happy to say that I made it all the way through without missing a day.

A couple years ago I did a 100 Days Project, where for 100 consecutive days I took a photo on my smartphone. Nearing the end I really hated doing that project, and swore that I would never do anything like that again. But looking back on that project and the photos that came from it, I’m happy I stuck it out and am quite pleased with the images that I produced.

This time around, I figured 31 days was a bit more manageable and with only a single shot to get it right it was still a bit of a challenge. A lot of days were simple just photos around the house, and there were a couple mess ups with focus or some other camera setting, but I’m sharing all of it… the good, the bad, and the ugly.

My camera of choice was the Olympus XA with a roll of Agfa Vista 200. This camera is small enough that it fits in my pocket and powerful enough to allow for some creativity. I originally bought this camera as something to always keep on me, but it just never worked out that way… until now. I could see myself bringing this with me more often now. Below the camera photo are 31 days worth of photographs with the subject/theme of the day.

Day 1: Travel

Day 2: Reflections

Day 3: Fun

Day 4: Nature

Day 5: Art

Day 6: Greenlife

Day 7: Friends

Day 8: Architecture

Day 9: Graffiti

Day 10: Pets

Day 11: Texture

Day 12: Food

Day 13: Music

Day 14: Home

Day 15: Society

Day 16: Trees

Day 17: Fashion

Day 18: Vehicles

Day 19: WaterDay 20: Fitness


Day 21: Sky

Day 22: Hands

Day 23: Happy

Day 24: Street Photography

Day 25: Flowers

Day 26: Books

Day 27: Signs

Day 28: Lights

Day 29: Abandoned

Day 30: Modern Day

Day 31: You (Me)

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