Charlie the Dog

My wife and I had been talking about getting a family dog for a couple months now. About 4 weeks ago we decided to go for it and started looking online. We read that Boston Terriers make good dogs for first time owners, (such as us), and we just fell in love with their unique look. We looked at different rescues, adoption places, breeders, and even classifieds from across southern Ontario. The cost of getting a dog from a breeder was was more than we were willing to pay and the ads we read about on local classified seemed sketchy. We couldn’t find any Boston Terriers for adoption at all. After a couple weeks of searching, we started looking at other breeds like bulldogs and border collies.

Then out of the blue we saw the SPCA in Cornwall, Ontario had a 6 year old Boston Terrier up for adoption. There were no photos online, but we ended up calling them immediately and setup a time to come for a visit the next day. Cornwall is a 4 hour drive each way, so my oldest son and I drove out there with the intentions of bringing a dog home.

Charlie has been with us for for almost a week now and he’s starting to integrate nicely with the family… although there’s still some work to do to get him used to the cat. He is house trained and rarely barks or whines and is great with the kids. There’s some small training stuff I’d like to work on but nothing too major. Below are a bunch of photos we took on the weekend when playing in the backyard. Our yard isn’t fenced, so we need to keep Charlie on a 40ft lead. He doesn’t seem to mind though.

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