Holga 120WPC – First Thoughts

At the beginning of October there was a social media thing called Holga Week. Basically an entire week of celebrating all that is Holga. I’ve had my Holga 120N for a couple years now and probably love it more now than when I got it, but recently I’ve been looking for something a bit different. At first I was looking at another Holga 120, but with a glass (instead of plastic) lens, but then I saw the Holga 120WPC wide pinhole camera) and was torn. I don’t have a lot of experience with pinhole photography, so I decided to give it a go. About a week later, it arrived in the mail and I loaded it with a roll of Ilford HP5 Plus 400 film and headed to the Toronto Zoo with the family. One thing I found out very quickly, was the shutter was sticky. It would slide open to expose the pinhole, but then get stuck on the way back. This led to a number of blurry photos as I had moved the camera after taking the shot. After I shot this roll, I loosened the screws holding the shutter on the inside and that seemed to do the trick.

This camera is awesome. It provides a perspective and look that cannot be obtained elsewhere. With its massive 6×12 negatives, you only get 6 photos per roll (or 8 if you’re using the 6×9 mask which I have yet to try). I was exposing the film for about 3 seconds and it was pretty bright outside, but that’s what the exposure meter on my iPhone told me. The photos below are my first attempt using this camera. I wasn’t using a tripod and just rested the camera on a secure surface. I think a better representation of what this camera is capable of can be seen in this post about my second time out with the camera.

Camera: Holga 120WPC
Lens: Pinhole (f/135)
Film: Ilford HP5 Plus 400
Developer: Blazinal (1+25) at 19.9C for 8:03 minutes
Scanner: Epson V850
Catalog ID: 2019-043

One thought on “Holga 120WPC – First Thoughts

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