Port Hope Beach Through a Pinhole

On a recent photo excursion to Port Hope, I brought along both my Crown Graphic 4×5 and my new Holga 120WPC. I loaded up the pinhole camera with a couple rolls of Ultrafine Extreme 100 and mounted the camera on a tripod and made exposures anywhere between 4 and 10 seconds. I really like the look and feel of the photos this camera produces, with the exception of the horizon always being dead centre. That’s the result of having the camera completely level. If it wasn’t the photo would have a curved horizon (something that might look kind of neat if done intentionally). Below are a couple of  shots that worked out pretty well. With this camera, you need to advance the film twice to accommodate the extra width. I forgot to do that with the last shot, so there was some overlap with the next frame. It worked out though since the horizon is always dead centre.

Camera: Holga 120WPC
Lens: Pinhole (f/135)
Film: Ultrafine Extreme 100
Developer: Blazinal (1+50) at 19.3C for 13:45 minutes
Scanner: Epson V850
Catalog ID: 2019-047 & 048

2 thoughts on “Port Hope Beach Through a Pinhole

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