Covid Captures #1

Bored. Cooped up. Tired. This state of emergency we’ve been living in for the past month has been difficult. Even more difficult is trying to put on a happy face and be strong for my kids who are scared and even more bored than I. My wife and I take turns leaving the house to get groceries once a week, which means that we each go 2 weeks without leaving home. Sure, we save on gas, but at the cost of going crazy. The boys haven’t left the house since before March break started. We’ve all tried to keep as busy as possible with games, playing outside, cooking, eating, geocaching, Lego, puzzles and reading, but I feel like we’re starting to run out of options. I started snapping these photos a couple weeks ago whenever someone is doing something different in the house. I’m sure other photogs are doing similar series capturing life in a home isolation environment. I’ve seen some cool photo series on how hometowns look without people… something that intrigues me. I just don’t want to risk going out right now. Below are photos from my first roll taken over the past month. I know Ilford Delta 3200 film is super grainy in 35mm, but I don’t recall it being this hardcore. Not sure if it’s just me or maybe the developer, which was Blazinal at 1+25. I pulled this film to 1600 and shot it on my Voigtlander Bessa R3M.

Camera: Voigtlander Bessa R3M
Lens: Voigtlander Color-Skopar 35mm f/2.5
Film: Ilford Delta 3200 (EI 1600)
Developer: Blazinal (1+25) @ 20.0C for 9:00 minutes.
Scanner: Epson V850
Catalog ID: 2020-003

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